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Solnze Records

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Solnze Records
SOLNZE Records is independent label from Moscow. We specialize us mostly on out of border, untypical and funny sampledelic music of MesserChups, Messer Fuer Frau Muller and Oleg Kostrow. These our artists recycles Cartoon music, Surf, Garage, Lounge, Exotica, Big Bands, Original R&B, incredible strange Music etc. In addition to our own releases, We distribute some hard-to-find and unique releases of our artists from other independent and major labels. Idea of music label SOLNZE was generated in1999 in Hamburg, Germany, but Label started his activity in Moscow next year with CD-release of MesserChups "MISS LIBIDO 2000" (febr.2000). After release of some albums of these MFFM-crew we started to release music of other Artists: Aavikko,Ne Zhdali, Dub TV… Some our releases were joint editions with other Labels and Majors: 3 first CD of MFFM (1992) and MesserChups "Miss Libido" - with HOR Music, MesserChups "Black Black magic"- with Bad Taste production and Mysterya Zvuka, Mp3-CD of MFFM / MesserChups - with RMG, Graf Hortiza and Zapreshennye Barabanshiki "Vse o Chorte" - with Mysterya Zvuka. We delivers our tracks to: "Tribute to Grazhdanskaya Oborona" (Mysterya Zvuka), "Tipsy - Remix party" (Asphodel) and lot of other compilations.

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