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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live From Austin, Texas

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live From Austin, Texas

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Viewed today, Stevie Ray Vaughan's only two appearances on "Austin City Limits" (bookending, as they do, his recording career with Double Trouble) offer a study in contrasts and chronicle the evolution of a brief but amazing musical saga. As has repeatedly been cited by innumerable musicians who "knew him when," he could always play. That was a given, m But the guitarslinger who took the release of his debut album, Texas Flood, and the Stevie Ray who returned in 1989, following the release of In Step, were two different people.

In '83, still in his twenties, Stevie was hungry, out to prove something, visibly nervous, and not entirely stable. This was serious business. But by '89, at 35, he was a changed man. He was back at home, he had kicked drugs and alcohol, overcome living hell and a brush with death. From here on out was icing on the cake, and he savored every moment. This was a blast!

Serious, yes, but serious, fun.

"Austin City Limits" producer Terry Lickona concurs: "When he did the show the first time, he was a combination of nervous, paranoid, and so insecure. Zero self-confidence and sweating big-time the whole night. The contrast between that first show and the next was like night and day. The 1989 show was pure magic. And without exaggeration this retrospective, based on the response it's had, is the most popular "Austin City Limits" program that's ever aired in the show's 20-year history."

01. Program Start
02. Pride And Joy
03. Texas Flood
04. Voodoo Chile
05. The House Is Rockin'
06. Tightrope
07. Leave My Girt Alone
08. Cold Shot
09. Crossfire
10. Riviera Paradise
11. Tick Tock
12. Little Wing (Bonus video)