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Joseph Conrad. Selected Short Stories

Joseph Conrad. Selected Short Stories

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This specially commissioned selection of Conrad`s matchless short stories includes such favourites as `Youth`, a modern epic of the sea; `The Secret Sharer`, a thrilling psychological drama; `An Outpost of Progress`, a blackly comic prelude to `Heart of Darkness`; `Amy Foster`, a moving story of a shipwrecked, alienated Pole; and `The Lagoon` and `Karain`, two exotic, exciting Malay tales. `Il Conde` and `The Tale` are subtle portrayals of bewildered outrage; `An Anarchist` and `The Informer` are sardonic depictions of revolutionaries; and `Prince Roman` is a tale of magnificent, doomed heroism set in Conrad`s native Poland during the Uprising of 1831. Both those new to Conrad`s work and those familiar with his novels will delight in this wide-ranging collection.