God's Purpose for His Creation

God's Purpose for His Creation

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Much has been written and debated concerning the details of the creation account. In doing so, that which is of most importance has been missed. This is God's Purpose for His Creation, which is seen in the way of His creation, His actions, and all He allowed to happen. God's purpose and plan was not seen to begin with; consequently, a number of teachings resulted. These teachings have become tradition and are addressed herein by the following questions that reveal His purpose:

What did God mean when He called His creation good and very good?

Did God originally create Adam and Eve with immortal, physical bodies?

Were all animals and mankind originally created to be vegetarians?

Why did God cast Satan and his angels onto the earth and not elsewhere?

Did eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil-which God called good-include both physical and spiritual death?

What was the Tree of Life all about?

Was an animal killed when God made clothes out of skin for Adam and Eve, and if so, was it the first animal to die?

What all was cursed when Adam sinned?

What were the penalties because of Adam's sin?

Understanding all of this sets the foundation for and enables us to see God's purpose for his creation from the beginning in Genesis to the end in Revelation. This is God revealing the fullness of His nature and His loving mercy and grace, which was never before seen or experienced in His heavenly kingdom. This is specifically revealed through Jesus Christ.

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