The Vitality Map

The Vitality Map

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Are you deeply healthy? Not just free of disease or illness, but living with a profound sense of vitality that sustains you as you move through your life? This can be hard to achieve in the midst of life’s competing priorities...whether it’s our families, our careers, our social lives, or our passions, our attention and care is often focused more on those around us than on ourselves. And, as a result, we get depleted.

But in order to sustain all the things you care most deeply about, you need to build a strong foundation of health and vitality. In THE VITALITY MAP: A Guide to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well-Being, naturopathic physician Dr. Deborah Zucker shows you how.


Each year, thousands of new health books are published offering quick, easy lifestyle changes that will lead you to the “promised land” of overflowing vitality and boundless energy. While many of these approaches are valid, few are built to last. When confronted with the inevitable pressures and old habits, our best intentions often crumble.

Why? Most health solutions don’t go deep enough. They focus on symptoms, ingredients, habits, diets, and exercises. But they don’t get to the bottom of your fundamental relationship to health and how you care for yourself. In The Vitality Map, Dr. Zucker guides you on a deep and transformative journey that helps you to build a strong foundation for long-term health, vitality, and well-being.

Based on her own profound health transformation and her work as a licensed naturopathic physician, Dr. Zucker helps you to disentangle from the patterns that hold you back from real and lasting health breakthroughs:

  • The boom and bust cycles
  • The constant need to put others first
  • The feeling that no matter what health strategy you try, you always end up back in the same place

By going step-by-step through her 9 Keys, you’ll skillfully shine a light on these unconscious patterns and build new ones that will guide you on your health journey.


The Vitality Map isn’t just a book full of theories and ideas. Dr. Zucker’s 9 Keys are based on her own personal health journey—a struggle with chronic fatigue and other persistent health issues in which she uncovered many of the hidden assumptions and habits that were holding her back from being deeply healthy.

Building on this experience, Dr. Zucker dedicates a chapter to each key and uses anecdotes from her own life and her work with her clients to illuminate her vitality principles. She also provides practical exercises, meditations, and inquiry questions for each key so you can put them to use right away in your own life:

  1. Honoring Your Unique Life
  2. Facing and Embracing Your Shadows
  3. Strengthening Your Self-Awareness Muscles
  4. Cultivating Resilience
  5. Aligning with Your “Yes!”
  6. Experimenting with Playful Curiosity
  7. Discovering Easeful Discipline
  8. Inviting Support and Connection
  9. Living Like You Matter

The Vitality Map doesn’t offer a quick fix. The 9 Keys make up a long-term guide to developing a healthy foundation that will sustain your life, your work, and your being.

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