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AC/DC: No Holding Back In Interview

AC/DC: No Holding Back In Interview

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In the history of rock music, few bands can equal either the phenomenal commercial success or the remarkable longevity of AC/DC. Their distinctive brand of direct, no-nonsense hard rock has seen them amass an enormous and devoted international fan base, with over 200 million albums sold worldwide, yet their journey to the top was far from easy, and over the years the band have had to overcome a number of set-backs and tragedies.

This DVD features in-depth interviews with AC/DC from across their illustrious career, in which the band members discuss their musical journey in detail their albums, their stage show, their sound and their influences, as well as the death of their original, iconic frontman Bon Scott and the illness and subsequent retirement of their driving force, Malcolm Young. The interviews capture a determined, ambitious yet good-humoured group of musicians intent on keeping rock music, and everything that it represents, alive and kicking through five decades.