Inspiration with a Chuckle

Inspiration with a Chuckle

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When Jim Haworth graciously donated the first 4 books to me that he’d written I was delightfully thrilled. Prior to that I’d already been receiving almost daily e-mails with his ongoing wacky/witty tidbits of information. On the very rare occasional times when I didn’t receive one I’d become a bit depressed because I had begun to look forward to getting them nearly everyday of the week. He told me that many would just pop into his head at all times during the day and night so I found this to be intriguing.

The more that these e-mails came the more they began to ‘grow more popular’ with me. So many of them always seemed to ‘ring home’ true representations of many types of situations that we all have happening in our lives on a normal daily basis. Just reading them on an almost daily basis actually added a sort of ‘unexplainable lift’ to my usual normal routine daily life.

It was good when he recognized that by placing the printed material into ‘varying other places upon the pages’ as well as adding black and white pictures interspersed within the chapter titles it added much more interest to the written material placement positions within the chapter titles. As I would turn each page I’d find my self trying to guess where the printed material will be placed and wondering if a black and white picture would be appearing to reinforce the particular subject matter being given? I hope with his 5th book that this kind of placement of the material on the pages as well as the pictures will continue. I feel that by having made those 2 big adjustments it has added an additional kind of joy and harmony to what he is trying to say to his readers.

I feel that so many of his ‘wacky/witty’ sayings will help others get through whatever kinds of problems they might be facing because they are so ‘down to earth true sayings’. All age groups will find inspiration in these sayings and this does include children as well as teenagers because they are just appealing in nature. The reader is able to easily grasp the concepts as they’re written in short statements of common sense everyday language that can be rapidly read from page to page.

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