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State Based Approach for Testing Menu Driven Applications

State Based Approach for Testing Menu Driven Applications

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Model Based Aspect/Class Testing (MACT) is a Model Based Testing tool that uses a state based approach to generate test cases. To demonstrate the feasibility of using MACT, a fairly large piece of software was needed to perform testing. While MACT was under development, a formal testing process was required. To fulfill both these needs i.e., to perform a feasibility study for the new tool being developed and to improve the overall quality, it was decided to use MACT to test MACT itself. MACT uses a menu interface. In any Graphical User Interface there will be several elements to be tested. The work described in this paper covers only two such elements: functionality and availability of menus. It will be demonstrated that for a menu driven application, state exploration can be aided by menu information such as a menu or set of menus being enabled or disabled. State information thus gathered is transformed into a textual file that can be used as an input for MACT to generate test cases. Since the AUT and the testing tool used were the same, test failures could be either due to a flaw in the test tool or the input file or both.