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Cotton Sucking Insect Pest Management

Cotton Sucking Insect Pest Management

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Cotton white gold, is a major cash crop of Pakistan. It provides livelihood to millions of people engaged in its trade and textile industry . Moreover, it is a major source of foreign exchange earnings as it not only provides raw material for our local industry but also stands at the top of our exports with 63.2% share in our total exports 2008-09 ( Anonymous ,2009). Many countries that formerly had produced insignificant yield of cotton such as Latin American countries have increased their production steeply and have become important suppliers of fiber to the world market. The main objective of present study has therefore been to find out the economical methods of controlling the sucking insect pests of cotton by integration biological control with safer chemicals. It was necessary, to reduce the use of pesticide, to save the human being and also to save foreign exchange which is spent on the import of pesticides. The biological control was applied through the conservation.