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The main objective of this study was to determine Information Literacy levels among Second and Third Year Medical Students of University of Ghana Medical School. This study also looked at the views of the students on the Information Literacy Course (Medical Education Literacy –MEDS - 201) which the students had under taken in the First Year in the Medical School. A total number of one hundred and fifty-two (152) students formed the sample. A 38-item adapted and modified questionnaire from Mittermeyer, D. & Quirion, D. was used. Relevant and related literature on the topic was reviewed. Data analysis was done using Chi-Square and results presented in tables and charts. Information Literacy level of students were measured using the five steps of research procedure namely concept identification, search strategy, search tools, document type and use of results. The general IL performance of students can be described as slightly above average. Students made various comments on the course. The researcher made short, medium and long term suggestions on the way forward in improving students Information Literacy Levels in the School.