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An Investigation of the Use of EFL Learning Strategies

An Investigation of the Use of EFL Learning Strategies

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It is obvious that success in second or foreign language learning (SFLL) depends on a number of factors such as learner motivation, learning style, age and so on. One of these factors is the ways by which learners' approach and handle their language learning tasks known as Language Learning Strategies (LLS). Language Learning Strategies (LLS) have been recognized as important tools to be successful in learning a second or foreign language since the pioneering works of Stern (1975) and Rubin (1975) that identified a close relationship between success in Second or Foreign Language Learning and the specific techniques or procedures (LLS) that learners use to go with their language learning tasks. The close relationship between LLS and success in language learning has in general laid the ground to recognize LLS as important instruments to be successful in learning second or foreign language. This book is thus all about language learning strategies and is very essential for anyone engaged in language teaching and/or learning.