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Evaluation of Small Dairy package interventions

Evaluation of Small Dairy package interventions

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The household dairy intervention program has been introduced since 2003 as one of the major components of dairy development strategies in Tigray. This program focuses on household income oriented dairy development and other agricultural extension activities to improve household income. Dairy producers had little awareness about the economic importance of component information for within-herd management as well as profitability of the dairy farm. However, critical gaps have been observed on the performance of the packages in earning an improved income and product. Therefore, this book provides information on the possible impacts of the dairy development intervention packages on management, production, utilization and income. In addition, it would help in providing feedback to the stakeholders as to what extent the designed dairy intervention packages of the program were geared towards solving the beneficiary''s problem as well as on the remedial measures needed to take corrections on the problems confirmed during the implementation of the program.