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Pro-poor Land Management in Developing Countries

Pro-poor Land Management in Developing Countries

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The goal of this research is to explore the conceptual framework and implementation arrangement for Pro-poor Land Management in developing countries. A case study methodology has been adopted. Two cities Kathmandu Valley( Nepal) and Allahabad (India) were taken for the study. In both of the cities, the slum dwellers live without tenure rights, in very poor conditions, and mostly occupied public land. To carryout this research a structured set of concepts/definitions regarding the Pro-poor land management has been discussed. Various organizations who are lobbing from global to local scale for Pro-poor land management are described.For the development of conceptual framework for Pro-poor land management, the current situation is analyzed though SWOT analysis methods and based on the SWOT analysis, six step-wise approach has been explored as slum identification and mapping, development of relevant framework, application of GI technology, Build local LIS, City-wide slum upgrading and spatial planning and slum participation for Pro-poor land management.