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Automatic Generation of Testbeds for (BPEL)Workflows

Automatic Generation of Testbeds for (BPEL)Workflows

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Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) have become the de-facto standard for creating large and complex software systems in enterprise environments. While the SOA paradigm of combining loosely coupled distributed software services adds flexibility to software systems (e.g., late binding to replace services during run time), new challenges arise. One important aspect is getting the split services together to a working unit. BPEL is one way to achieve this goal. New software services for a new business requirement can be composed by using existing services. As in every other software development these new components must be tested to ensure software quality. For testing local software there is a wide range of different concepts like Mockup objects to support the testing process. For distributed software tests there is still a lack of such supporting concepts and tools. This work will cover this area providing a tool for the automatic generation of testbeds for business processes to provide an environment for testing.