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Impact of pesticides on microorganisms in soils

Impact of pesticides on microorganisms in soils

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The major problems in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) production are insect pests and pathogenic fungi. Hence, the pesticides are often used for crop protection. Continuous and indiscriminate use of these pesticides causes a major risk of soil health. Groundnut, the most important oil seed crop of India. Entry of pesticides in soils due to the agricultural practices may disturb a delicate balance of native microflora, thereby affecting recycling of nutrients and soil fertility. Studies on the interactions between pesticides and microorganisms could be very useful to minimize the hazardous effects of pesticides in the soil environment. In this book the authors experimentally determined the impact of pesticides on soil microorganisms. The experimental procedures used in this study are clearly understandable, standard and internationally acceptable.