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Denture Base Materials

Denture Base Materials

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Physical and mechanical properties of two commonly used denture base materials and a recently introduced denture base material were compared in this investigation. The materials were pressure molded Lucitone 199 and injection molded SR-Ivocap and the pressure molded ProBase Hot . Physical properties of polymerization shrinkage, water sorption and water desorption, and the mechanical properties of deflection in three point bending (ADA Specification No. 12), modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity were evaluated. Polymerization shrinkage was measured by comparing the linear measurement of the wax pattern and the processed acrylic plate. Water sorption and desorption were evaluated by monitoring the weights of rectangular specimens measuring 50mm x 10mm x 2.5mm in dry condition, The weights were obtained on a weekly basis to the accuracy of 0.1 mg. These specimens were subjected to three point bending in an Instron Universal testing machine at a cross-head speed of 5.1mm per minute and the resulting deflection was recorded on the chart.