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Social economic status of Obstetric fistula patients

Social economic status of Obstetric fistula patients

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The study focused on the social economic status of Obstetric fistula patients seeking surgical treatment in Gynocare Fistula Centre located in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. The objectives of research were to determine demographic characteristics of women admitted with obstetric fistula, assess the socio-cultural characteristics of obstetric fistula patients attending Gynocare Fistula Centre and to describe the psycho-social and economic conditions faced by obstetric fistula women. The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods, guided by a combination of data collection instruments including interviews and questionnaires. The main focus was on women with fistula who had come for repair services at the centre and whose fistula was primarily as a result of obstetric fistula. Majority of women in this study started labour and delayed at home and were attended to by traditional birth attendants and finally moved to health facilities late only after failing to deliver and staying long in labour. Some of the women with fistula realize leakage of feaces and urine within 2 to 8 days post delivery.