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Mapping environmental data with a Geographic Information System

Mapping environmental data with a Geographic Information System

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Climate change is a current issue: temperature and rainfall rise, glaciers and snow melt and the global average sea level is rising. This causes an increase of natural hazards (such as flooding risk and landslides), that could become more frequent. In this context, resident population should adapt to global environmental and climate change. The assessment of land use changes, occurred since the last decades, can help controlling and understanding transformations. Nowadays, the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is applied to various sectors (environment, engineering, geology, architecture etc.), in order to help stakeholders in analyzing different types of spatial data and to display them in easy understandable maps. This study illustrates the land use changes of the Muson river watershed (Treviso province, Northern Italy), occurred in the last twenty years, and that contribute to conditioning the river hydrodynamic, in relation to climate change.