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Functionalized calix[4]arenes and its applications

Functionalized calix[4]arenes and its applications

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Calix[n]arenes represent an interesting class of preorganized aromatic hosts exhibiting an enhanced ability for cation-? interaction. In many biological systems, metal cation-? interactions play an important role in molecular recognition. Interest has focused on the interaction between organic cations in both natural and synthetic receptors. Systematic studies of a series of related structures of artificial receptor molecules have revealed the role played by cation-? interactions. Calixarenes and related skeletons are a widely used platform in order to study cation-? interactions. This book emphasis on functionalization of calix[4]arene and its applications in various fields such as inclusion complex, ion selective electrodes, fluorescence sensor, liquid crystals and calix[4]arene based nanoassemblies as sensor.