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Examining Human Performance among Abilities and Commitment

Examining Human Performance among Abilities and Commitment

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The objective of this research was to determine if a relationship exists among human performance, human abilities and organizational commitment among call center recruiters. Employee turnover is a well-known problem and financial burden to any organization through the cost of recruitment, training, lost productivity, new hire, and cost of lost sales that ultimately affects a company’s bottom line. When an employee leaves an organization, the cost incurred can sometimes be a consequence of their job performance. Research indicates there are relationships between job performance and human abilities, as well as job performance and organizational commitment. Given these relationships, if human resources personnel could predict performance of an employee using a method that identifies critical human abilities for successful completion of a job and its association with organizational commitment, then consequently, costs associated with employee turnover could be minimized. In this quantitative study, the Fleishman Human Ability Taxonomy (FHAT) technique was applied to the work of call center recruiting across various organizations to determine predictors of successful performance.