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Assessment of Community vulnerability to TB in Machakos County-Kenya

Assessment of Community vulnerability to TB in Machakos County-Kenya

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Tuberculosis remains a challenge in Kenya causing ill- heath and economic consequences despite the availability of treatment.Research findings observe poor information and TB practices in communities that associate TB with HIV/AIDS,a disease that causes fear and is highly stigmatized.Once infected, the TB patients remain secret of status and disclose when overwhelmed by pains in advanced disease to seek assistance as the majority are poor.As a measure the TB Patients initiate self treatment or seek services from informal treatment sources due to fear of being known.This has been observed to delay initiation of early treatment,worsening of the disease process and risks the communities to TB transmission.Further there is challenges in TB management in the treatment facilities due to lack of trained health workers,poor infrastructure and patient absenteeism.As a recommendation to heath managers, Community empowerment through awareness creation about TB to target early identification,drug adherence and best prevention practices is urgent in prevention and control.Further the education should be tailored to demystify the fear of TB/HIV relationship.