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Economic Transformation in Belarus

Economic Transformation in Belarus

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The fall of Communism in CEE and the dissolution of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s raised the issue of social, political and economic transformation of new independent states. In countries of the former Warsaw bloc the market transformation could be considered as complete, while in former Soviet Union states the process of transformation is not over yet. Among Eastern European countries Belarus remains one of the least reformed. The market transformation, started with gaining of independence, was suspended by Alexander Lukashenka. That said, high levels of GDP growth, certain level of economic welfare and stability were present in Belarus for quite a long time. The book investigates the factors which stand behind the viability of the present political and economic system despite low level of market reforms. It analyses the peculiarities of the present economic system, the outcomes of government politics on the Belarusian economy as a whole, and explores the institutional factors that are necessary for a post-soviet transformation in Belarus. The research will be interesting for those who would like to learn more about the political and economic system in Belarus.