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Magnetic Formulation and First-Order Schemes in 2D and 3D

Magnetic Formulation and First-Order Schemes in 2D and 3D

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This book was written to students and engineers that like the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) area. Some familiarity with code programming is required. However, through the computation courses teaching at the Universities the engineering student and common areas will have the capacity of programming the codes presented in this book and much more of his/her interest. The applications of this book aim aeronautical and aerospace problems. This book presents the first-order structured algorithms of Roe, of Steger and Warming, of Van Leer, of Chakravarthy and Osher, of Harten, of MacCormack, of Frink, Parikh and Pirzadeh, of Liou and Steffen Jr. and of Radespiel and Kroll, applied to the class of problems aforementioned. All the algorithms are implemented according to an upwind formulation. Magnetic formulation is also considered and implemented in the MacCormack and Jameson and Mavriplis centered schemes. The Maxwell equations are implemented and applied to inviscid and viscous flows. Good results are obtained in both studies. A finite volume formulation and structured spatial discretization are employed in both contexts. Some examples of turbulence are shown.