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Nandi Cultural Values

Nandi Cultural Values

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The life of the Nandi community is centered around children.Children are a connection between the past and the future of the community. Every Nandi person is expected to propagate life through procreation of children. However, there are instances when marriages are not blessed with children resulting in childlessness. The Nandi people have in-built mechanisms of redressing childlessness. With the introduction of Christianity among the Nandi people, some of the solutions to childlessness offered by the community were condemned. Christianity has been in Nandi land for over a century now. However,the Nandi people still practice some of the practices condemned by Christianity. Why do they still do so despite embracing Christianity? This formed the basis of this work. This book was targetted the church in order for it to re-asses its approaches to the cultural values of the Nandi people. It brings to light the place of children in the community, which makes the Nandi people to go to a great length in redressing childlessness. It further brings out Christian responses to childlessness.