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Media's Status quo for Promoting Ethiopian Tourism

Media's Status quo for Promoting Ethiopian Tourism

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Among pivot motors of development, media is the one, and the major rotators of civilization that structure the world in the way we know today. It has brought both function and understanding. So that it becomes an area of study. By fostering the flow of information, ideas, feelings, and knowledge via different communication medium. As a result, it has became an invaluable part in international politics, trade and in day to day life of mankind. So this book reveals strategies and mechanisms how merger media with tourism is priceless. Especially countries like Ethiopia have suffered a lot by media's negative presentation. But the media with meaningful and knowledgeable usage can brought change: minuses to positive, cursed to blessed,falsehood perception to authentic ones. So this book provides possible solutions and way outs for nation building through tourism and media. scholars, experts, journalists, public relation officers, and many others in the two fields (media and tourism) will be benefited much.