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A Tale of Research on Stories Relieving Distress

A Tale of Research on Stories Relieving Distress

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'A Tale of Research on Stories relieving Distress' is based on an empirical research exploring Utility of Popular stories to relieve Distress among Adults. Considering the universal appeal of stories to human beings, can stories in a culture be utilized for therapeutic purpose is the question addressed in this study.If stories are to be utilized by mental health professionals, what would be the Themes of stories which are most useful to achieve therapeutic goal? Besides which client group would be most amenable for storytelling intervention? The research has started with these questions and ended by pointing out many more variables important for research of Therapeutic storytelling. The uniqueness of this book is that, the author has not only presented the research findings, but also tried to capture her inner process during this research. She has tried to analyze the in & out of her own research in a postscript written 5 years later. This three dimensional narration of research on Stories relieving Distress would be useful for mental health professionals who wish to use stories in their therapeutic work. Besides, it would also interest researchers of human behavior in general.