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Direct Popular participation and crisis in Public Services

Direct Popular participation and crisis in Public Services

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Investment and management of public services are drivers for development and economic and social growth. The organization and functionality of the public services depends of a structure. That means the link between society and the enterprise that manages the public service. This is the reason why the enterprise must be very specially, a kind of a new type. The type is the Social Development Enterprise (SDE). The social and economic system needs the reciprocal action from society to SDE, and then back again. That is the popular participation in public services. Democracy is not only a political theory, applies to the common life. The common life of the society is to use the public service. We study the case of Argentina. Why there is no democracy in this interaction? Our proposition is the direct popular participation instead of the actual parody of popular participation. It is not sufficient. We show a practical example of how organize the direct participation. A practical and concrete effort in that direction was done in San Pedro Sula (Honduras). It was not completed and finished because the society is alive, it is continuous work. But it has to be started.