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Mining Design Patterns for Internet Banking Architecture

Mining Design Patterns for Internet Banking Architecture

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Quality has been considered as an important aspect in software industry, in order to deliver error free, flexible and reliable software. The most familiar and popular software, which is globally used by the people is internet banking. The quality of internet banking system is achieved by software architecture and still the quality can be increased by using the design patterns. The design patterns have to be mined for the internet banking system and ten patterns are mined. The pattern based architecture for internet banking is proposed to enhance the quality attributes. It is designed by using the mined design patterns with pattern module library and customer profile by categorization of users on their behavioral utilization of services. The evaluation has to be performed on the traditional and proposed pattern based architectures to quantify the amount of improvement in various software qualities using SAAM. On evaluation, the pattern based architecture does well when it is compared to the qualities of the traditional architecture and the results are reported. Keywords : Quality attributes, design patterns, Pattern based architecture.