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Developing Countries in the International Climate Negotiations

Developing Countries in the International Climate Negotiations

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In a recent period, effect of climate change has grown enormously making almost impossible for a single country to cope with its impacts. Keeping in view the gravity of the situation, international attention has increased with international community coming into a single forum to mitigate worsening effects of climate change. The UNFCCC, which is popularly known as the Kyoto Protocol, has become a negotiating forum to seek measures to combat the challenges created by the climate change. Nepal, a developing country, has been affected by deepening climate change effects, attempts being made to sensitize the issues of climate change global negotiations and various factors influencing the framing and forwarding of Nepal’s concerns in international climate negotiations.The latest developments and updates on global climate negotiations expose the facts regarding the effects of climate change on Nepal that led to policy intervention in the country. Nepal’s experience in the global climate negotiations make a demarcation which international relation theories it follows in the international prospectives i.e, Liberalism and Realism.