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The social experiment, the Showtime and the media parody

The social experiment, the Showtime and the media parody

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The electronic image goes around our lives. It is hegemonic and is the owner of many of our actions. All people acquire a media and digital identity in one way o another, usually under the influence of some ideological interests. In this way is how the book commences. As the reader is introduced in these topics and issues set out he will discover the keys to understand the current social model, how they form the digital interpersonal relationships and what consequences this phenomenon has, the role of mass media in our lives and the way these contents could be addressed by the education system, among many aspects. This will lead us to talk about media literacy and digital competence. These issues will be introduced under philosophical, social, psychological, sociological and educational formulas. All these mainly supported by empirical researches carried out by the author himself and other experts, just like theoretical contributions from different academics. During the reading, a response will be given to answer the issue that arises in consequence of the contemporary realities. What is the social experiment, the Showtime and the media parody?