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Assessment of safe city for women and vulnerable group in Addis Ababa

Assessment of safe city for women and vulnerable group in Addis Ababa

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This book is mainly concerned on the Assessment of Safe City for Women and Vulnerable Groups in Addis Ababa. The study is intended to see intensively and assess safe city,identify factors affecting safety and safe city, identify spaces that are perceived as unsafe, determine safety risks of women and vulnerable groups while using public spaces. And this book comes up with wide range of description and justification on why the city is unsafe? What are the factors affecting safety in city? What are the public spaces perceived as unsafe? What are the major safety risks of women and girls on the public spaces? For this regard violence against women and crime on public spaces taken as indicators of safe city and safety on public spaces. In order to achieve the above stated objectives a case study approach is employed. Both primary and secondary data source were used in gathering the required information.It is identified Poor lighting, poor environmental design, crowded public transport,lack of police patrol, lack of clean and safe road sides contribute for unsafe condition. On the other hand robberies, assault, sexual harassment,rape and murder are the major risks in using public space.