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Knowledge, attitude and perception of Hepatitis-B

Knowledge, attitude and perception of Hepatitis-B

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Hepatitis B is a major public health problem and an infectious disease with major pathology in the liver caused by Hepatitis B virus (HBV). HBV can cause acute or chronic infection. In South East Asian Region (SEAR), more than one-third of the population has been infected with HBV and 80 billion (about 6% of total population) are life long carriers. It is estimated about 200,000 deaths per year associated with Hepatitis B in this region. In Nepal there is low Hepatitis B endemicity i.e. less than 2 percent prevalence of chronic HBV infection. Since, adolescent are more vulnerable to Hepatitis B infection because of IV drug abuse, unsafe sexual practice and tattooing. A qualitative study was conducted on knowledge, attitude and perception of Hepatitis B among paramedics and non-paramedics students in District Kanchanpur, Nepal.