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Potential erosive effects of antihistamine on primary teeth

Potential erosive effects of antihistamine on primary teeth

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Tooth wear is increasingly being recognized as a vexing problem that affects patients of all ages. Dietary erosion, seen in individuals consuming fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks or in patients taking certain acidic medicines regularly and in the long term, give cause for grave concern as the effects of dental erosion can add to a considerable burden of ill health. Micro hardness measurements have shown that as deciduous enamel is softer, the progression of erosion is relatively more rapid. Furthermore, the smaller size of primary teeth also increases the magnitude and risk of erosion. This text gives an overview on erosion, and thoughtful insights into the authors’ use of atomic force microscopy (AFM), to render a three dimensional study of erosive effects on the tooth in contrast to the conventional two dimensional hardness studies. The text also brings to bare the use of saliva in diagnosis of erosion and elaborates on its protective nature too. This book provides valuable and helpful tips to prevent erosion and can be a guide for pediatricians, general practitioners, pediatric dentists, post-doctoral theses, and even undergraduate students.