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Procedures for Manufacturing Nuclear Research Reactor Fuel Elements

Procedures for Manufacturing Nuclear Research Reactor Fuel Elements

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Nuclear research reactors produce radioisotopes for manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals which have wide application in medicine. The use of radioisotopes in nuclear medicine is surely the application of research reactors with the greatest and most direct benefit in society because it increases the quality of life. The manufacture of aluminum research reactor fuel elements dates back to the early 1950’s. The basic manufacturing procedures and parameters are well established and documented. The plate-type fuel is the most common fuel used in research reactors that produce radioisotopes. This book brings together information on the procedures for manufacturing plate-type fuel elements, including the inspection procedures. Many illustrations detail the manufacturing procedures and equipment normally used. The information is focused on the fabrication procedures of the most recent commercial dispersion U3Si2-Al, which is well qualified around the world. All the process and quality control procedures usually adopted during fabrication are commented.