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Serum Creatinine/HbA1C in Unrecognized Glucometabolic Cardiac Patients

Serum Creatinine/HbA1C in Unrecognized Glucometabolic Cardiac Patients

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Serum creatinine is an important by product produced by non-enzymatic degradation of muscle creatine and it is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. The level of serum creatinine is maintained by the balance between its generation and excretion. Serum creatinine concentration in cardiac patients serves as a marker of renal damage. Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) represents a reliable average of blood glucose over preceding three months. Studies have proposed that the association of HbA1c with cardiovascular risk may be partially mediated by the development of hypertension. Therefore, this study was designed to estimate serum creatinine and HbA1c levels in cardiac patients with unrecognized glucometabolism and to find a correlation between serum creatinine, HbA1c, blood pressure and the duration of cardiac problem. Blood samples were collected from 25 cardiac patients of 30-65 years of age with unrecognized glucometabolism and undiagnosed renal disturbances and 25 healthy individuals who did not meet any cardiac issues, between the same age group, were taken as control.