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A Study of the Representation of Males in Videogames

A Study of the Representation of Males in Videogames

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In this paper, the aim was to explain how gender roles are portrayed in the videogame industry by studying early and current, male personas in cinema to determine where these stereotypes may have come from, be that social, political or otherwise. Using Descriptive methodology – which is the study of a current occurrence – and Thematic methodology – which is the study of emotional attachment or result focused around an issue – to study both cinemas’ stereotypes throughout the years as well as the results from a questionnaire completed by four independent videogame developers, I noted that there is a definite link between the two mediums. 75% of the indie developers thought that videogames have and or are, profoundly influenced by the male roles cinema had before it. In addition, 100% agree that the roles that male characters placed into are indeed a stereotype of male culture. They also commented on the development process stating that – at least in an indie development work-circle – story and character development should – and typically is – put first. One developer sums up the study in a quote. “I think this questionnaire is a long time coming”.