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On-station and on-farm acceptability of feed-block for small ruminants

On-station and on-farm acceptability of feed-block for small ruminants

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Small Ruminants (SR) are reared largely by extensive system with little or no feed supplements. Inadequate use of feed-block as supplement is a challenge to SR production efforts in areas renown for SR production. Feed-blocks are handy, easy to make, prevent feed wastage and selection. Information on the use of feed-block supplements for SR production is not well documented. The use of feed-block for SR production was therefore investigated. Samples of common forages were collected once per season and analysed for Crude Protein (CP). Three feed-blocks: Gliricidia-Based (GB), Cassava-Top Based (CTB) and GB/CTB mixture were produced from the forages using standard procedures and offered to SR for acceptability using Coefficient of Preference (CoP) procedure. Total gas, Metabolisable Energy (ME) and Organic Matter Digestibility (OMD) of feed-blocks were assessed using in-vitro fermentation techniques. The feed-blocks were introduced to SR farmers, after which on-farm demonstration of feed-block making was done for Twenty Interested SR Producers (TISP). Structured questionnaire was administered to assess acceptability and constraints to use of feed-blocks.