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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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The past two decades have witnessed a remarkable change in the way businesses run and operate, with the quest for excellence and all-round growth the primary objective of corporations. Worldwide, CSR has emerged as a view that can enhance the financial performance of a company and suggests that corporate decision-makers must take care of a range of social and environmental affairs in order to maximise long-term financial returns. Though, the practitioners confirms the benefits colligated with the good reputation, as well as indicates that a firm’s costs of adhering to ethical standards will translate into higher product prices, a competitive disadvantage and lower profitability. However, in Indian context this is also acceptable or not, is still an inquiry. This books means to get to grasps with and determine the perceptivity of corporate social conduct towards its stakeholders along with justifying its triple bottom line benefits while filling the literary gap through replicating and extending previous findings on social and financial performance of firms.