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Preparing EFL Teachers For Tomorrow

Preparing EFL Teachers For Tomorrow

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Teacher development programmes often fail to produce desired results for lack of conducive syllabus and material. This book is a must read for the ELT community in the Arab world, especially the EFL teachers and the three agencies that are pivotal to educational revolutions: Policy makers, Funding agencies and Teachers as well as a torchbearer for teacher trainers; it actually answers the in-service teachers' need for regular training courses based on their classroom requirements. The teacher in the EL classroom has multiple roles to play: efficient facilitator, monitor, and manager, to mention a few. What is even more challenging is that these roles cannot be defined in any paradigm but have to be constantly re-defined considering the pace at which the knowledge world changes. Teacher development is important also because it has a direct bearing on the learners’ improvement. This book aims at tackling all these issues, sets the goals and designs the roads for their realization. Among the very first attempts of its kind in the Arab world, this book can bring teacher development to the core of educational enrichment from its current status of a programme that can be done without.