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Environmental Characterization of Surface Paste Disposal

Environmental Characterization of Surface Paste Disposal

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Surface paste disposal (SPD) has been proposed in the mining industry as an attractive option to conventional tailings and mine waste management methods, since it allows for a smaller tailings impoundment area, increased water management capabilities and less environmental impact. SPD consists in the deposition of mine tailings at a higher percent solid (typically > 70%) in relatively thin layers that are allowed to drain and dry before the next layer is put in place. The term «paste» typically signifies that tailings will not result in segregation of fine and coarse particles during transport and will exhibit minimal bleeding after the final placement of paste tailings. This book investigates a field study through large-scale experimental cells to assess SPD application for tailings subjected to actual climatic conditions. The results obtained will bring a new light to waste management planners and mine operators. Most modern mines worldwide will shift their current tailings management systems to innovative paste technology. It is strongly believed that this book will be of noteworthy value to those involved in mining operations, students, researchers, academics and consultants.