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Degradation of cellulose by Actinomycete from Eisenia foetida

Degradation of cellulose by Actinomycete from Eisenia foetida

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Green revolution had played a significant role in Indian agriculture with the introduction of chemicals, facilitating the country to be self reliant in crop production. Soon, several reviews had revealed that the continuous use of chemical fertilizers in high doses that are easily soluble had contributed to soil degradation, through a combined effect of acidification, micro nutrient depletion, ground and surface water pollution and reduced soil microbial activity, etc. Now there is a growing realization that the adoption of ecological and sustainable farming practices can reverse the declining trend in the global productivity and environmental protection. The growing concern about the adverse affects of chemicals in agriculture has led to the development of ecoagriculture that encourages the use of organic inputs like biofertilizers and biopesticides etc., to produce better quality organic products while protecting the soil health. In view of this, the biodegradation offers immense scope to small and marginal farmers in creating their own organic manorial resources and ways to minimize the expenditure on farm inputs and also to generate alternative income.