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Employees' Perception about Merger in Banking Industry

Employees' Perception about Merger in Banking Industry

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This monograph is a modest attempt to understand the hard realities regarding employees' perception and the success of merger & Acquisition. The major objectives of the study are to study the general awareness level of the employees about the merger, to identify the factors, which are responsible for changes in attitude of employees after merger, to assess the employee satisfaction level (pre and post merger) and to study employees‘ perception towards work culture after merger. This study added value to the body of existing literature on bank M&As by examining the level of job satisfaction among bank employees who have experienced the M&A. The study clearly communicate that the banks pursuing M&As as growth strategy must consider the Human Resources or more precisely employees as a main factor for the success of the M&A process. In absence of proper attention it may lead to unwanted consequences like the high rate of attrition, poor morale, and negative attitudes that can affect the customer service, and decrease in efficiency and productivity.