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Hydraulic Damper for Controlling the Car Vibrations

Hydraulic Damper for Controlling the Car Vibrations

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The purpose of automobile suspension is to reduce the transmission of vibration from the road and thus ensure ride comfort. To satisfy customers need for ride comfort and increase market share, care must be taken to achieve the optimum balance between ride quality and handling performance. The most important factor for deciding automotive dynamic characteristics is the suspension system. One of the functions of this system is to support the vehicle sprung mass and to maintain the attitude angle. Another one is to decrease body vibratory motion transmitted from the road. There are basic three methods of suspension, viz., Passive suspension, Semi-active suspension and Active suspension. In this book the active suspension method to hydraulic damper is discussed. A Matlab program is used to do theoretical analysis and a quarter car model is used to do experimental analysis. The book is concluded with the inferences came out of comparison between Theoretical and Experimental Analysis.