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Assessment Quotient

Assessment Quotient

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The book is an attempt to dive deep into the world of a 4th and 5th grader so as to get a better understanding and complete picture of a learner in totality. The book highlights the practical and innovative approach in assessing scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of learning where non-scholastic assessment is unique, innovative and has not been touched so far by anyone till date. This book also focuses on suggesting improvement in learning of a learner, particularly in Mathematics, English and Science through feedback. The objectives of the book are to define teaching, learning and assessment in context to Generation Z and Generation Alpha learners, to design a scholastic assessment framework involving achievement tests, to craft 2D/3D Blue Print with content templates, and to suggest some innovative assessment techniques and recent trends in school based assessments. It is an effort to understand the needs of a learner, identify gaps and then provide them with corrective action in form of feedback through various test reports. Thus, this kind of research has rightly been called an illuminative research and has proved to be the hallmark of this study