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Sericulture based Integrated Farming System

Sericulture based Integrated Farming System

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On farm field experiments were conducted during August, 2011 to January, 2013 to study on seri based integrated farming system (SIFS) in mulberry ecosystem. The experimental results indicated that the integration of mulberry + fodder sorghum + Stylosanthus hamata + cumbu napier grass and Cenchrus setigerus (T5) resulted in higher productivity than rest of the combinations. The productivity of animal components viz., silkworm, goat and desi poultry were 53.3, 7.38 per cent and 1.26 per cent, respectively. Recycled and composted organic manures applied to maize not only increased the grain yield (6828 kg/ha) and stover yields (11647 kg/ha), but also had a significant residual influence on the productivity of the succeeding crop of sunflower in the cropping system. Mulberry + Fodder Sorghum + Stylosanthus hamata + Cumbu Napier grass+ goat + poultry integration earned the highest gross and net returns with enhanced benefit cost ratio of 2.93 with generated the highest employment of 587 man days.