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A Travel Diary or Du cote de chez Scriabin

A Travel Diary or Du cote de chez Scriabin

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A. Scriabin is a famous nighteen century Russian composer and I adore his music really. He is my favorite composer, both Russian and worldwide. His influence is huge; he changed so many things in music, in piano music, in composition, being externally quite traditional he brought up an absolutely new language, structures, piano textures, new way of thinking, and new way of musicality. He had “a cold heart and an ardent mind” being one of Russia decadent stars, though the things he aimed to say by his music are much deeper and serious than many musicians`, poets and artists of the “Silver age” epoque. I cannot stop wondering how contemporary his works in many aspects are. How could he, being a real “Silver age” child sound so actual nowadays? A paradox – all he wanted to do by the end of his life was destroying of our world and creating a new one and it worried him from morning till night the fact he was still writing something – some humble nothings with no sense, like piano sonatas and so on, and now it is obvious that he was the one of the brightest personalities of all times musical world and had a huge influence in many areas as a musician and composer...