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Barriers of HIV/AIDS Service Uptake by female sex workers

Barriers of HIV/AIDS Service Uptake by female sex workers

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Analysis on the barriers to access services and retention in care demonstrated that the negative attitude of health care provider is one of the reasons explaining the poor service provided to sex workers at the partner health centre. Other motive for the high attrition rates is the existing weak referral system between the HAPP Drop-In-Centre and the partner health centre. A stronger referral system from the drop-in-centre to treatment services is needed. A strong bond should be developed between HAPP Drop-In-Centre and health centres that provide clinical treatment and ART. This is particularly needed as CBOs are currently not authorized to provide HIV treatment services in Cameroon. In conclusion, barriers faced by sex workers can lead to low uptake of HIV prevention, care and support services, even when these services are provided for free. This will affect not only the outcomes of sex workers individually, but would increase the transmissibility of HIV in the community.