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Eye Detection and Tracking Algorithm

Eye Detection and Tracking Algorithm

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With many books available out there that deals with eye detection and tracking, this book explains in detail the design of a novel and, most importantly, an easy algorithm for eye detection and tracking. Throughout the design, a number of different techniques are explored from machine learning to image processing methods. Thus, this book serves a perfect guide for readers interested in exploring the different methods in the eye recognition field. The calibration phase of this book has won the Best Paper Award in the ICOCI 2015. Interestingly, the keyboard designed in this research work implements the famous Partner-Assisted Scanning, an efficient technique that helps special abilities people to communicate effectively. With advancements made in eye detection and tracking as discussed in this book, new doors are opened in human-computer interaction that help build a better tomorrow. "So if we can just get lots of computers to lots of people, it will make some qualitative difference to the world." - Steve Jobs.