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Frozen Conflict Zones: The Case of Transnistria

Frozen Conflict Zones: The Case of Transnistria

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This book provides an overview over the problematic case of Transnistria -a ‘’Frozen Conflict Zone’’, a prone to secession region within the Republic of Moldova. It can be useful as an enlightening guideline which shortly but densely provides the readers with the necessary information but also puts light in important details that give answers. An informative introduction contextualizes the case into a broader framework. Important data and a brief historical review display the necessary background information in Ch.1. Ch.2 & 3 analyze: the region during the Soviet era –describing the cultural politics and their effect and Transnistria after the dissolution of the Soviet Union to present. Special attention is paid in the Transdniestr-Moldovan full scale conflict of 1992 and the power-politics. The contemporary politics & policies enforced by the main actors involved (namely Moldova, Transnistria, Russia, Ukraine) are displayed in order to provide answers in Ch. 4. Ch. 5 unfolds scenarios for possible solutions to resolve the conflict. The last chapter counts if Transnistria can become the “next Crimea”. Theorizing & conclusions shall hopefully be food for thought for the readers