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Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Groundnut Bacteria

Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Groundnut Bacteria

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This book contains five chapters. The first chapter is an introduction. Chapter two literature review, it contains review about soil types in Sudan, legumes; groundnut, Rhizobium bacteria. Chapter three materials and methods, in this study three bacterial strains were isolated from three regions in Sudan, El-Gadarif, El-Gezira and El-Obied, the parameters studied were antibiotics sensitivity of the isolates, tube and pot experiments, effect of temperature, pH and salt, biochemical analyses and molecular characterization tests were done. Chapter four is results and discussion, the study showed that all strains were Gram negative, white, circular, viscous, did not absorb Red Congo, produced yellow colour and acidified Yeast Extract Mannitol Agar (YEMA) with bromothymol blue, fast growing, grew in Peptone Glucose Agar medium, resistant to antibiotic used, formed nodules in groundnut and the molecular characterization through analysis of 16SrRNA and nifH genes revealed similarity of all isolates to Klebsiella spp. with similarity of 98 to 99%. Finally chapter five is conclusions and recommendations.